Why You Don’t Need To Be Empowered

The word “empowerment” is thrown around like candy. It sounds like a good thing, but empowerment can actually undermine your abilities. Instead of working to change the things around us in order to feel empowered, we should look inside ourselves. Power is not something that needs to be given to us; it’s something we need to claim.

The Problem with Empowerment

Empowerment can actually give us the opposite of a healthy message. It seeks to create a situation where we feel comfortable sharing our voice. What this basically says is “You can’t do this on your own. We need to make it easier for you.”

This sets us up for dependency. We are then dependent on something external—something we can’t control—in order to feel confident in our decisions. If our power is dependent on a person, group, business, or system, then what will happen if it goes away?

To be clear, this does not mean tolerating toxic environments or people. This does not mean allowing yourself or anyone else to be devalued. It is wonderful and necessary to build businesses, cultures, and relationships that support and encourage others. It is vitally important to stand against injustice and hatred.

But let’s stop claiming to empower other women. We are the only ones who can claim our own power.

Where to Find True Power

Your innate power is not dependent on any external circumstance. It’s not dependent on your feelings, whether or not you think you “deserve” your wealth, your income, the status of your business, your relationship, your location, or anything else. The power you have to impact others is unchangeable.

If you’ve been struggling with feeling disempowered, you won’t be able to make the switch to your full powerhouse in an instant. Claiming your own power is a process. It takes time and effort to deepen your understanding of your own power.

In fact, making changes will be scary. You’ve always relied on other factors to believe in yourself, so the idea of shedding your safety nets and unlocking your braces is terrifying. But the fear is temporary and your power is within your reach. You’ll start seeing your power more and more clearly, and it will get easier to step away from the things you were depending on for empowerment. 

How to Claim Your Power

Although there are hundreds of things begging for your time and attention each day, the most important time you can spend is on yourself. Spend time working to understand your power and building up your confidence. Take small steps out of your comfort zone. Take a stand even when you don’t necessarily feel empowered.

Once you are secure in your innate power, you’ll feel confident in everything you do.

There are tools and resources available to help you dig deep and unlock your power source. It is more difficult to see the places where you aren’t claiming your power by yourself, so talk to me. I can show you how to regain your power and use it in bigger ways than you imagined.

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