How to Spend Money Without Guilt

Spending money is not a bad thing. However, we often feel guilt anytime we spend money, especially on ourselves. Sometimes we feel that guilt because we aren’t spending it wisely, but it’s more common to feel guilt because of our inner beliefs.

It’s important to evaluate why you feel guilty about spending money. Then, you can align your beliefs and decisions with your goals and free yourself from this guilt.

4 Reasons You Feel Guilt When You Spend Money

Usually, the guilt we feel about spending comes down to a few key things.

1. Societal Pressure

Women have been trained to be nurturers. When we aren’t using all of our resources–time, energy, and money–to take care of others, we feel like we aren’t fulfilling our role as women. 

Obviously, this belief is not beneficial to anyone. You do not have to be nurturing to fulfill your role in society. You also have every right to spend money on yourself and not feel like you have to give every extra penny to other people.

2. Misalignment with Goals

Sometimes you feel guilt because your spending doesn’t reflect your goals. This happens when you are bingeing on food or alcohol or overspending out of emotion.

This can be an opportunity to evaluate your decisions and make changes if they are necessary. However, you are the only person in charge of your finances. No matter how you choose to spend your money, you should do so freely—without a trace of guilt. 

3. Confusion about Finances

If you don’t have a complete understanding of your finances, you may feel guilt and even some fear about spending it. Even if you know you have extra money, it’s uncomfortable to not be completely sure about where your money actually is.

This is when you need to sit down and develop a full understanding of your finances. Once you see the numbers with your own eyes, your guilt about spending will disappear.

4. Creating Difficulty

As women, we tend to believe that we are supposed to do everything. We are supposed to run the six and seven-figure businesses independently, take care of the children, cook three meals a day, exercise every day, and keep the house Instagram-worthy.

There’s an underlying belief that these things are supposed to be hard. We think of hiring a social media manager or paying a house cleaner as taking the easy way out.

Actually, it’s okay to take the easy way out. It’s okay to spend money to make your life easier.

Why You Should Spend Money

Just because you’ve been trained to do things a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. When you have the money, spending it to save you time and effort is extremely useful. In fact, what’s the point of wealth if you don’t use it to make your life easier?

You don’t have to pretend you’re working tirelessly to prove to yourself or others that you deserve your money. It’s okay to get a bigger house, buy a new car, and hire help with everything you need. You deserve to make your life easier.

In turn, when you spend money, you’re supporting the economy. Money is not meant to be hoarded; it’s meant to flow through us. By spending your money on a service, you’re giving someone else the opportunity to make and spend money.

Spending money might subtract a few digits from your account, but it doesn’t subtract from your value. In fact, spending money adds to our life and the people we are spending money on. This is how value flows and how you create abundance in your life.

How to Free Yourself from Guilt

Take a look back at your core beliefs about your money and your spending. Think about the areas of your life that come easy and what’s more difficult. How can you do less of the things that drain your time and energy and do more of the things that are easy and enjoyable?

Your guilt will decrease as soon as you decide to accept the abundance you’ve been given. The easier you make things in your life, the more abundantly you can pour into every other facet.

My team and I have the tools to help you do away with unnecessary guilt. We can help you focus on spending your money in order to grow your abundance. Book a free call with me today!