EPISODE 022: Opening the Conversation About Money with Jennifer Risher

On today’s episode we are joined by Jennifer Risher, who is the author of We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth. We have all heard of countless “get rich quick” books, books that provide guidance on how to make more money and how to be successful, but no one ever talks about what happens after that. What is it like to actually be rich? With us, Jennifer shares her personal journey on how she and her husband came into extraordinary wealth during their early 30’s, what she experienced as a result, and some lessons that she has learned along the way. I invite you to join our conversation as we dive into the importance of connection and communication, and how to navigate both components in your life as a woman with power and wealth.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Isolation as a result of being wealthy
  • The fear around talking about money
  • Common beliefs that “if only ___, then my life would be better”
  • What happens when we communicate rather than overthink or assume
  • The reward it is to give back and make a difference
  • Instilling values in your children as parents who have wealth

Check out Jennifer’s website below:

Jennifer’s website