Breaking the Shame Cycle of Wealth

It’s doubtful that anyone’s ever looked you in the eye and said, “You don’t deserve to have that kind of money,” or “You don’t know enough to manage your wealth.” But those words don’t have to be spoken for you to believe them. This is the underlying attitude of our culture toward wealthy women, and it unfairly produces shame and insecurity—and blocks you from making the impact you’re capable of.

It’s not an accident that you feel shame when you think about your wealth. It’s not all because of you that you feel pressured to spend your money on other people. But it’s important that you learn to accept your abundance, step into your power, and be a key to change in our culture.

4 Reasons You Feel Ashamed of Your Wealth

People everywhere aspire to be where you are, with no worries about your day-to-day expenses and enough money in the bank to make big investments. But when you hear your friends talking about their financial issues, what is the feeling that creeps up about your money?

For many women around the world, it’s shame, caused by one of the following pervasive thoughts:

1. You Don’t Deserve Your Wealth

For centuries, men were the only ones in society who were capable of bringing in money. Although there have been some very important and necessary changes over the past 50 years, women are still not always viewed as equals in this sense.

On another note, “wealthy people” are often put on a pedestal. Maybe you held others in that position before, and you just can’t seem to view yourself in the same way now that you’re successful. Or maybe you don’t want to.

2. You Don’t Want to be Judged

Greedy people are bad. And only greedy people can make seven figures.

Or at least that’s what some people think, right? You believe that if people know how much money you have, they will view you differently. They’ll think you’re a greedy, selfish, rude person. You’d rather just continue to sit in awkward silence when your friends or family members make jokes about being broke.

3. You Feel Pressured to Give It Away

As a woman with wealth, people will assume you’re willing to constantly splurge on everyone else. You should be a nurturer, right? They expect you to freely give away your money, buy your friends lavish gifts, pay for dinner, and host all the parties (which better be catered, by the way).

But what if you hate hosting things? Does it make you a terrible person to not want to pay for dinner for 10 people on a random Tuesday night? You feel ashamed that you don’t meet the expectations other people have of you. 

4. You Don’t Know How to Manage It

When you think about the number in your bank account, you feel overwhelmed. This is something I should leave to the professionals, right? Everyone is always saying, “You have to put your money to work!” “If you’re leaving your money in the bank, you’re basically losing it.” Feeling that you aren’t equipped to manage your own money can feed back into your belief that you don’t deserve it.

All of these inner thoughts make you feel a very real shame about your wealth. The truth is that not only are you completely capable of managing your wealth, you deserve your money, and you can choose how to use it regardless of anyone else’s opinion. When you do, you’re going to step into the power you were made for.

The Problem With Being Ashamed of Your Wealth

Your wealth can be used to change the world. Your wealth is a gift, but you’re treating it like a curse. If you’re hiding one piece of yourself, where else are you hiding? You can’t fully utilize your wealth until you’re comfortable sharing it and talking about it. Your shame is preventing you from living in freedom and making a difference in society.

What would it be like if you felt completely secure in your wealth? You would be free to make more. You’d be free to use it exactly how you want to. And you’d be free to evolve into the difference-making powerhouse that’s already inside you.

How to Accept Abundance 

The first step to overcoming shame and accepting your abundance is to talk about it. Stop allowing the damaging societal beliefs to affect your conversations and relationships. If we want the stereotypes of wealth to change, we need to change the way we talk about it.

It’s a simple step, but it’s a gigantic emotional leap. 

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