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Claim your power and make a permanent impact

Hi! I’m Jacquelyn Marie, but you can call me Jacquie.

I’m a former accountant, a smallholder working towards a self-sufficient lifestyle (with alpacas!), the founder and CEO of multiple six-figure businesses, and the manager of millions of dollars of my family’s wealth.

But just a few years ago, I was going to work every day and crying in the bathroom. I was a strong, accomplished woman, but I was surrounded by a massive boy’s club.

Although I knew the misogyny was unacceptable, I didn’t yet realize that I hadn’t truly grasped my power. I knew I was smart and capable, but I had no idea just how powerful I was.

Especially in the midst of the patriarchal oppression that surrounds us.

You don’t realize how powerful you are

Our society has fed us lies like, “You’re supposed to use your money to take care of other people.”

“Only greedy people make that much money.”

“You need someone else to tell you what to do with your money.”

The only way you can grasp your true power is to get rid of those lies that have made their way deep into your mind.

I left corporate accounting to do freelance accounting. I was great at accounting and it was my safe space. But I finally accepted that it just wasn’t what I wanted anymore.

Finally putting down my identity as an accountant was my first step to claiming my power.

Then, with no prior experience, I started a property business and took it from $0 to six-figures in 12 months and continued to build that into multiple businesses and successful teams.

Do things differently than they’ve always been done

It’s hard to change. Even when things aren’t perfect, staying the same can be like a comfort zone.

But the world needs you.

This is the time to move forward and join the movement of powerful women driving change, each in our own special way.

The world needs the power and ability that only you have.

I have seen too many women hand their power over to managers, financial advisors, friends, family, or men who want to use it for their own agenda

Stop giving your power away.

I’m not another financial advisor. I’m not just another accountant.

But I see the power you already have available to you and I know exactly how you can harness it.

You may not be able to see how you can take your wealth and use it as a tool to impact the world–but I can. Let’s tackle those limitations and step into the limitless possibilities.

Ready to join the community of women who are using their wealth to change the future?